Have you been abducted by Aliens or know of someone? It’s a growing phenomena world wide.

Why are more and more people reporting this experience? Is it because they feel with today’s media and society they can finally tell their story and not be seen as crazy. Or is it because they want more people to be aware of what is going on and want to seek the truth. What ever the reason when we look back in history we can see that alien abductions is not new and it isn’t a modern phenomena.

On this site we will look at Alien abductions both past and present and bring you the information of Individuals experiences as an abductee. Below is a general over view of what abductees have reported happened to them.

For some it is common place having attested to being taken to a space ship (UFO) by an alien many times and over a spate of several years. Others only ever have the one experience. It can occur any where and at any time although the greater majority tend to be at night.

The most common abduction experience is the person being asleep in their bedroom when they are either awoken by a bright light or an alien standing by their bed. The abductee is paralysed, unable to speak or move or resist. It is generally thought that another person in the bed or in the room does not awake because the alien has used some sort of hypnosis device.

The woken person is then floated out of the room. Some report to have gone through solid objects such as the house wall or unopen door with the alien. They are then both beamed into a waiting alien space craft.

Generally the person is being told telepathically or by touch by the alien that this is for the greater good of mankind and that they have nothing to fear.

What happens when they get in the space ship differs from one person to another. The general reported abduction is for the abductee to then have all their clothes taken off and is placed on a bed that resembles and operating theatre or examination table. The alien is usually joined by others and then the abductee is subjected to different examinations, tissue, blood, sperm or egg samples are often taken. Some abductees report being implanted with something behind the eye, ears or in their toe. Others say they were made to couple with another human that was also on board the space ship and some females  have said they have been implanted with a baby.

The abductee is often told they were chosen to aid humanity and that is why they are experiencing this. Often abductees state that they were then taken to a room containing hybrid human/alien children. They are told by the alien that some of these children belong to the abductee and they are encouraged to interact with the children.

Some people never experience the examination side  or sexual side of the abduction they report to have been shown around the alien space ship and by telepathy they are being told about future world events, wars, and natural disasters and even warned to change their ways to help save Earth and mankind. Others  but only a handful have said they were actually given intelligent information although they couldn’t understand what they have been told and have no clue how to implement it.

Abductees often don’t remember their experience the next day but have been known to experience different symptoms such as pain in the genital area, nose bleeds, unexplained bruises, scratches, scars. Also abductees often showing signs of post traumatic stress.

However over the next few days, weeks and months the abductee starts to remember their experience. This may be triggered by dreams and often memory is initiated by an event or happening in their life that helps them recall the memory.

Many don’t report the abduction for fear of what people will think of them and the ridicule it may bring especially if their abduction was one of the “sexual nature”. But more people are reporting that they have been abducted by aliens and thanks to the information highway of the Internet there are many forums and support sites to help those that have experienced being an abductee. They no longer have to feel alone and can now find comfort in telling their story.

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